5 Pumpkin Spice Treats for Under $5 We’re Already Obsessed With in August

It’s almost fall. You can smell it in the air. It’s the unmistakable aroma of pumpkin spice, well, everything. If you’re the type who has been twitching uncontrollably in anticipation of pumpkin spice lattes or frantically scanning the craft beer aisle for your yearly fix of Southern Tier’s Pumking Imperial Ale, this fall will not disappoint. There are new pumpkin… Read more →

You Could Score up to $900 in Class-Action Cash Just for Getting Robocalled

If you’ve ever received an annoying, unsolicited call offering you a free cruise, you might be able to claim enough cash from a new class-action settlement to pay for that cruise after all. The prerecorded calls in question came from a third-party company representing Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International between July 23, 2009 and March… Read more →

Lawsuit: Poland Spring Dried Up 50+ Years Ago, We’re Drinking Groundwater

If you’re willing to shell out for bottled water from a natural spring, this lawsuit has disappointing news for you. That spring water might not be so… springy. Eleven people have filed a class-action suit against Nestle Waters North America, the parent company of Poland Spring, claiming the bottled water is “ordinary groundwater” from a well the company drilled. The alleged… Read more →

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