This Is the Date When Airfare Drops Dramatically Pretty Much Every Year

Do you know the magic airfare day? No kidding. There is one specific day when flight prices fall dramatically. That day is… drumroll please… Aug. 22. If you’re planning a hop across the pond, the cheapest days to fly across the Atlantic begin on Aug. 21. Why the big drop? The kiddos are back in school, so families are less… Read more →

This Couple’s Quest for a Perfect Cup of Coffee Led to a Thriving Business

Scott Angelo doesn’t have time to wait for a break in this Florida downpour. He dashes from the car to the front door of Oceana Coffee’s primary location, the Roasting House, shakes off the rain and disappears. A short while later, he emerges from a back storage room, pushing a plastic cart loaded with buckets of what looks like thousands… Read more →

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