Maybe you keep several thousand dollars in hundred dollars bills on hand for emergencies.

Or collect 5-dollar bills for groceries…

But because fiat currency has nothing backing it, except the word of government, they have the power to kill it. And trust me, when the economy collapses, we’re the last people the government will care about.

You might believe North America’s immune or you needn’t worry because “it will never happen here.” Or when it happens, like for example, the penny disappearing from Canada and planned elimination of the US 100 dollar bill, they’ll phase it out.

So you’ll have plenty of time to get rid of the discontinued notes, right?

At least you hope so. But are you 100% sure?

Besides, elimination of specific denominations isn’t the only problem or symptom of the war on cash.

Every time the government prints more money, the money you have loses value. This includes cash in your hands or in the bank.

They call this inflation, but it’s really a fancy term for tax.

Then there’s capital controls and confiscation. Or the more politely called “bank bail-ins.”

It’s easy to think those things only happen in places like Greece, Cypress, India, and Venezuela.

But the US and Canada both have written policy allowing bail-ins. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t plan to use it.

In other words, when banks make lousy financial decisions like they did before the 2008 Stock Market Crash and continue to today, your bank will steal your funds to pay their debts.

And according to financial expert Jim Richards, when the economy crashes, besides stealing your cash, capital controls will be one of the first moves on the bank’s playlist.

He predicts,

“Money market funds will suspend redemptions, bank ATMs can be reprogrammed to give you $300 per day for gas and groceries; they can selectively shut down the banks. We saw it in Greece. We saw it in Cyprus; we’re seeing it today in India. The banks are closing. They’re out of cash.”

People need to remove their blinders. These aren’t tribulations reserved for somewhere else.

They’re coming here, possibly as soon as this year.

But what if, there was one simple move to almost end the risks of fiat cash? A special decentralized currency that didn’t lose value because there’s a limited, fixed supply.

And that banks couldn’t steal through bail-ins because you’re your own banker?

Now, what if you could send money anywhere in the world you wanted, privately, at the touch of a button? Almost like emailing a gold coin.

BITCOIN NEW MONEYbitcoin-1813505_640

Because with a new currency called bitcoin, it’s possible.

In fact, when the above scenarios happen — confiscation, inflation, capital controls, and more – your life won’t be negatively affected. In fact, you’ll prosper.

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